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How to Upgrade and Optimize Your Ozone Installations

With Retrofit Packages for Bottled Water Operations

Looking to optimize the performance of your existing ozone installation? More ways to deliver on your sustainability goals?  

Then you should think about replacing your old ozone generator with advanced, powerful, energy-efficient ozone equipment and superior technical support from the Evoqua Pacific Ozone®  product team! 


The Pacific Ozone product line offers various systems to meet your diversified needs. All products offer simple and proven technology, yielding more uptime to produce the product, and providing simple implementation and installation. The Pacific Ozone system design controls the variables inherent in oxidation processes to deliver maximum efficiency and ease of system operation and validation. 

Our compact Packaged Ozone Systems are designed for quick and seamless integration into water or disinfection processes. They provide safe and sustainable solutions to disinfection processes, yielding measurable results that can give users operational peace of mind.

Packaged Systems Benefits: 

  • Easy to install 
  • Work in existing control and PLC environments 
  • Air-cooled, No cooling water required 
  • Saves energy, ultra energy efficient 
  • Sizes to fit any flow requirements 
  • Low Operating Cost 
  • Compact Footprint 
  • Set it and Forget it Controls and Instrumentation 

We know that saving water and energy means saving money. Our PGS and PGS Peak Series offer significant energy savings benefits, achieved by our high-concentration ozone output and ultra-efficient control capabilities. And eliminate the additional cost of a cooling unit and associated maintenance costs. 


Bottled Water Benefits
  • Upgrades save water, time, energy and money
  • Bolts into existing systems
  • Technical Support for all applications

Other Beverage Applications:

  • Product water production
  • Source water treatment
  • Equipment and surface sanitization
  • Bottle and cap washing
  • Clean-in-place (O3-CIP)

Pacific Ozone Systems shown on complete
system retrofit for bottled water application

Technical services are available for applications review, commissioning, start-up, and calibration support.

Contact us today for an evaluation and quote to retrofit your existing bottled water system.


Evoqua Ozone Generation systems undergo factory acceptance testing to ensure they are capable of producing the desired ozone concentration, based on operational parameters outline in the Operating Manual. System performance of microorganism inactivation depends on the CT value, pH, and temperature of water. Performance limitations depend on feed conditions, overall installed system design, and operation and maintenance processes; please refer to Operations Manuals. For more information: Contactus@evoqua.com

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Contact us today for an evaluation and quote to retrofit your existing bottled water system.

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