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Reducing hydrogen sulfide levels for effective odor treatment

White Paper: Application of Calcium Hydroxide with Metabolic Modifier for Control of Hydrogen Sulfide Odors at the Siesta Key Wastewater Plant

David Cash, Mike Mylett, David Sell, Justin Stewart, and Charles Maltby
Sarasota County Utilities, Evoqua Water Technologies LLC

In April 2016, Sarasota County Utilities investigated odor complaints from the Siesta Key WWTP. It was determined that the complaints were due to hydrogen sulfide odors from the effluent of the plant's existing odor control scrubber. This scrubber processes foul air from the headworks and equalization tank. The Siesta Key WWTP has been in operation since the late 1960s, and is stlated to be decommissioned within a year and a half and converted to a master pump station. However, the aging wet chemical scrubber has been struggling to handle increased hydrogen sulfide loadings, resulting in several odor complaints from the surrounding neighborhoods. A solution was necessary to mitigate these odors. 

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