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Evoqua Supports Mission Critical Infrastructure

​We provide mission critical support to hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturers & more


Evoqua provides service and support to hundreds of hospitals across the U.S., including St. Luke’s Hospital, which has one of the busiest emergency departments in Massachusetts. They depend on Evoqua to provide reliable high purity water for efficient surgical instrument processing. Poor water quality can lead to inefficient cleaning and sterilization, causing instruments to be rejected and rewashed. This takes valuable time, delaying surgical procedures and tying up resources. Evoqua’s 24/7 remote monitoring and proactive service ensures water quality and quickly addresses any issues, keeping the hospital operating efficiently.


Evoqua has partnerships with the largest leading health care diagnostics companies in the U.S., including the primary companies providing testing for COVID-19. These facilities process millions of patient samples per week and consume large volumes of purified water. Water quality issues in laboratories can lead to inaccurate testing, significant downtime and can also have an adverse effect on the performance of analyzer equipment. We provide continuous remote monitoring and proactive service to ensure that water systems meet strict water quality standards and operate efficiently


Evoqua provides water systems and services for many of the country’s vaccine and reagent producers, including the top four manufacturers who represent approximately 85% of the overall market. High purity water is critical to pharmaceutical manufacturing as an ingredient in products, such as vaccines and reagents used in diagnostic tests. Manufacturers cannot operate without the high purity water they use to produce these critical products. Pharmaceutical companies need to meet strict regulations for water quality standards, which can affect plant uptime and product safety.

Food & Beverage

Water quality and sanitization are a critical part of the safety regimen in food & beverage facilities. Evoqua provides water treatment solutions and sanitization services to the top 20 largest food and beverage companies. We help ensure production continuity and the safe development of high-quality products. Our technologies and services are designed to keep food and beverage production flowing smoothly, maximizing plant productivity and improving the safety and quality of day to day operations.

Power Plants

Water purity and clarity are essential aspects of electric power plant operations. Evoqua provides water treatment solutions and service to the top 20 electric utilities in the U.S. Power plants use purified water to create steam that runs turbines for emissions control. Coal-fired plants depend on Evoqua’s equipment to remove sulfur from their waste streams. We are active in transforming the water to help keep the lights on in our communities.


As we spend more time at home, we are more reliant on technology to keep us connected. Did you know circuit boards are washed with ultra-pure water? Circuits and other microelectronics must be cleaned without leaving residue, prior to assembly and use. Evoqua provides water treatment solutions to nearly 40% of all microelectronics facilities in North America. From ultra-pure water to chemical filtration, we are transforming the water that helps us stay connected.

Chemical Plants

Chemical companies often make compounds and ingredients found in consumer products that we depend on every day, including detergents and other healthcare related items. Evoqua Water Technologies provides water-related solutions and services to the top 20 chemical companies in the U.S. These facilities use purified process water as a key component in their manufacturing process. They also depend on Evoqua’s solutions to ensure their effluent is compliant with municipal requirements. By transforming their water, we’re doing our part in the supply chain to enrich the lives of consumers.


Access to clean drinking water is essential and effluent water quality regulations protect our environment from harmful contaminants. Evoqua provides reliable water and wastewater treatment solutions that help municipalities provide their communities with safe, clean drinking water. Municipalities depend on our high-rate clarification, biological processes, odor control and aftermarket solutions to keep their plants operating efficiently and within regulations. Evoqua is ready to respond in order to ensure the safety of the world’s most precious resource – water.

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