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Sugar Company Finds Sweet Solution for Odor Control

Modular covers control odors from high-strength wastewater and allow for easy access to clean mud ditches


The sugar company produces approximately 4,500,000 cwt. of sugar per year, resulting in high-strength wastewater that creates odors, especially during the company’s peak season in the spring and summer. The company was using a series of basins, such as ponds and ditches, to cool, equalize, settle, and digest the organic wastewater. It was important for the company to minimize the effects of its operations on the environment and community, so it investigated cover options for odor control. The company needed something to replace old covers on two mud ditches.


Evoqua’s Geomembrane Technologies was selected to design, fabricate, and install two modular cover systems for the sugar company’s plant. The covers utilize flexible polyethylene foam and HDPE to suppress odors while standing up to tough environmental conditions.

Combined, the two modular covers consist of 74 removable rectangular panels connected using a stainless steel cable lacing system. The mud ditches were in active circulation during the scheduled winter installation. Unusually mild temperatures, high winds, and heavy rain made the installation challenging, but the ‚Äčteam persevered and the covers were successfully installed on time and on budget.


Evoqua’s Geomembrane Technologies™ modular cover systems are an effective odor control measure for the sugar company. The panels can be individually removed or shifted to allow for easy access and cleaning of the mud ditches. The covers are safe to walk on in any location.

The covers were designed to accommodate fluctuations in water levels, and allow rainwater to drain through the panel joints. They are the ideal solution to replace the old covers, and are expected to offer a long service life. The two covers combined equate to the highest square footage modular cover system provided by Evoqua’s Geomembrane Technologies™‚Äč brand to date.