Magneto anodes help deliver high-quality manufacturing for the global canning industry

Worldwide hundreds of billions of cans are manufactured every year to contain food, beverages and other products for sale. With volumes on this scale, the quality and long-life spans of manufacturing technologies are critical.

Magneto is an expert provider of high-quality anodes which are central to the canning manufacturing process. We understand the unique demands of the industry which must deliver high processing capacity and minimum downtime at a competitive price – our anodes are the right solution for these requirements.

To meet these objectives, there is a change in the industry away from lead anodes and the use of PSA (phenol sulfonic acid), towards the usage of MSA (methane sulfonic acid) for electrotinning, electro galvanisation and electro chroming processes. Magneto is at the centre of this change and the perfect partner to future-proof your operation.

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