Our Commitment to Today and Tomorrow

Our Water Future

Communities around the world face serious issues when it comes to water quality and quantity. Issues of water scarcity and contamination seem daunting and unsolvable, but at Evoqua, we are proud to provide solutions to help communities and industries solve such complex problems. 


" Enabling a more sustainable water system for future generations is both our opportunity and our responsibility. "

Ron C. Keating, CEO

2022 Sustainability Report

For more details, read our latest Sustainability Report on our corporate social responsibility and sustainability efforts.

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Helping the world to be more sustainable through our solutions and in our operations is our responsibility and opportunity. Sustainable is a core value at Evoqua that is driven by our culture and comes to life in our work. At Evoqua our employees are united by a common purpose: Transforming Water. Enriching Life.™ 

Sustainable: Our commitment to today and tomorrow
  • We transform water for our customers, communities and planet.
  • We embrace inclusion and diversity as a primary catalyst for innovation.
  • We are stewards of environmental health through our actions and conduct.

Evoqua's Commitment to the SDGs

Evoqua stands united in support of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Through our broad portfolio of services and solutions that solve complex water challenges in a wide range of markets, we are uniquely positioned to enable entire industries to become more sustainable.


Water scarcity, emerging contaminants in water and climate change are growing concerns around the world. In combination with urbanization and population growth, our available water resources are under stress. Evoqua is committed to ensuring safe, clean and reliable water quality and quantity. That’s why we work daily to bring existing and innovative solutions to our customers. We believe a sustainable future for all, is possible, today.


  • We know traditional water treatment can be energy intensive, that’s why we work hard to ensure our solutions are energy efficient.
  • Our products and services for anaerobic digestion are part of the clean energy transformation. Our ADI® anaerobic digestion systems capture energy from waste to power over 5,000 American homes a day with clean renewable electricity.

Smart Water

  • Our award winning Water One® service platform provides customers with reliable water quality and quantity when they need it through a digitally-enabled, proactive service model.
  • Through integrated Smart Water solutions, we are able to achieve water, energy, product and service efficiency that make economic and environmental sense.

Health and Wellness

  • We provide solutions and services to support disinfection and sanitization which are critical to maintain safe operations in hospitals, laboratories and food processing.
  • Our solutions make drinking water safe and healthy by removing common contaminants as well as emerging contaminants, for instance, Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (commonly known as PFAS).

Circular Economy

  • With increased water scarcity facing many communities worldwide, we are proud to offer solutions to reduce the water stress through water reuse and recycling technologies, such as UV disinfection systems, which help to provide a safe alternative water supply.
  • While our products are built to last, our services further extend product life
  • Our innovative products provide can provide for more efficient nutrient capture from waste than traditional methods.


  • To mitigate the effects of extreme weather, Evoqua has one of the largest fleets of temporary and rapid response mobile units in North America, ready to provide clean water when and where it is needed most.
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Evoqua Water Sustainability Award

The Evoqua Water Sustainability Award recognizes customers for their excellence in water stewardship. The Award highlights customers for their use of new or existing technologies in innovative, sustainable ways as well as customers that have made significant strides in water and energy efficiency. 

Each year, the award is given to celebrate World Water Day, which occurs annually on March 22. Evoqua employees nominate customers from our 38,000-customer base for exhibiting excellent water stewardship and demonstrating sustainable strategies around community impact, water and energy efficiency and environmental protection.

Learn more about our award winners and finalists: 2021 Award, 2020 Award, 2019 Award, 2018 Award

Kimberly-Clark was named the 2021 Evoqua Water Sustainability Award winner

Our Commitment to Sustainability in Action

At Evoqua, we work to improve the sustainability of our internal operations. We do this by continually prioritizing our good governance practices, reducing our environmental footprint and being socially responsible for our communities and employees. Our commitment to internal operational sustainability is carried out through our EHS & Sustainability Policy.

Sustainability isn’t a destination, it’s a journey. Learn more about our journey in our Sustainability Reports:

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