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We offer a range of pumps and VFDs to maximize performance of your recirculation system

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Discontinued product

We offer a range of pumps and VFDs to maximize performance of your recirculation system

Discontinued product


Neptune Benson offers a range of pumps, including Griswold and Normblock Multi Series pumps. We also offer adjustable pump bases and variable frequency drives (VFDs).


Normblock Multi Series Pumps

The Normblock Multi Series pump is ideally suited for aquatic facilites, fountains, water parks and pools with elevated salt concentration. With durable plastic housing and power up to 30 HP, you can expect superior performance, dependable operation and long life.

Griswold Pumps

Heavy duty end suction centrifugal pumps for the recreational water industry including pools, waterparks, fountains, aquariums and zoos. Engineered for performance, long-life and easy maintenance. 

Pump Bases

The 8-gauge stainless steel construction has a durable powder coated finish, providing an extra layer of corrosion protection. Stainless steel motor mounting hardware is included along with a rubber vibration isolator. Stainless steel concrete anchors for floor mounting are included as well which provides for easy removal of motor for repair or replacement.

​greendrive™ VFDs & Flow Meters

A variable frequency drive (VFD) controls the motor speed of your pool’s recirculation pump, slower motor speeds equal greater electrical savings. Save up to 41% with our in overall electrical costs and earn potential credits from the utility company for being “green.”