The bigger disinfection picture

Water disinfection is key to ensuring a wide range of businesses run smoothly and safely. But, with most organisations requiring a number of individual disinfection processes, are businesses missing a trick when it comes to optimising cost and operational efficiencies across all of their systems? Tori Sellers, sales manager at Evoqua Water Technologies, explores the question.

To keep vital business operations moving, it is often the case that disinfection maintenance, upgrades and new disinfection installations are looked at in isolation of each other. They are approached one by one, as and when action needs to be taken. While this is understandable and simply gets the job done, what if there was an alternative approach that could deliver a range of efficiencies for a business?

The alternative is to look at an organisation’s water management system as a whole – including each and every element of the process. This incorporates everything from incoming and process water, to cleaning and wastewater. At the core of this approach is proactivity. Through managing disinfection on a proactive, instead of reactive, basis businesses can reap cost and operational efficiencies, as well as make their operations more sustainable.

Achieving operational and cost efficiencies is possible, as a holistic view of operations enables an engineer to look at all systems and parts and assess their condition and current suitability for the job being undertaken. It may be the case that some pieces of kit are better being replaced, instead of maintained, and there could be opportunities to ‘bulk’ order parts to reap cost savings. Furthermore, the whole life costs of the entire system can be analysed this way and this helps identify any areas for improvement.

One of the key benefits of a holistic approach to disinfection is the opportunity to make savings that ensure operations are more sustainable and reduce your environmental footprint. For example, by looking at the disinfection system in its totality, you can assess total water usage and get a clear picture of where there is the potential to reduce or reuse water and lower energy usage.

The key is to find a partner who shares this total solution vision with you and one that has a suite of technologies and market sector experience to support. At Evoqua we have a full range of disinfection technologies and servicing support available, including analysers and process controllers, ultraviolet disinfection systems, hypochlorite generation systems, gas feed systems, chlorine dioxide generation equipment and ozone. Whatever industry sector you operate in there are cost savings to be made, increases in efficiency to benefit from and the possibility of a lower environmental footprint. The answer is to take a look at your total disinfection solution today.