Understanding UV Disinfection

A Potable Water Approach


UV disinfection is now recognised as an effective treatment method for potable water applications around the world. Register to watch this on-demand webinar where Barry Hopton, Business Development Manager at Evoqua Water Technologies explores the fundamental process mechanics of UV technology that are most effective when combined with the latest technical advancements. With the need for more efficient and innovative UV installation options becoming priority for both operators and M&E contractors throughout the EU, and with a drive for greater efficiency and ease of installation, this webinar will discuss how a tailored UV solution provides both short and long-term site benefits.


Learning Objectives:

  • Develop an introduction to UV process mechanics
  • Technology Overview: UV Road Map
  • Learn the planning & Design considerations for a potable water plant
Barry Hopton, Business Development Manager

Having completed a Master of Science degree in Engineering at The University of Liverpool and an MBA, Barry Hopton has since become Evoqua’s Business Development Manager, Barry has spent the past 10 years driving the development and delivery of innovative water treatment projects across the globe. Barry’s aim is to provide tailored water treatment solutions to protect end users, reduce operational costs and provide more environmentally friendly treatment solutions.
Webinar Timing Breakdown – Skip to most appropriate part for you.
  • 01:02 – An Introduction to UV Process Mechanics
  • 09:18 – Technology Overview: UV Roadmap
  • 33:43 – Planning and Design Considerations For A Potable Water Plant
If you would prefer to view a summary of the longer, technical webinar, we have a shorter version also available to view.