High Purity Water in Green Hydrogen Production

Delivering high-quality water solutions required for green hydrogen production

As the globe looks for renewable energy solutions to decarbonize its operations, green hydrogen is growing in importance, and with it, the spotlight on high purity water has intensified. A vital element in the production of green hydrogen is water quality. Water quality must be optimal to produce green hydrogen, ensure the process is efficient, and avoid contamination of the end product which can lead to the degradation of equipment. Any errors can be costly for operators, so it’s critical to prioritize water treatment.

Today, if the production of green hydrogen is to be scaled up to meet ambitious generation targets, not only do we need high purity water that meets quality targets but the technology solutions to generate this must be sustainable, as well as operationally and cost-efficient.

High Purity Water Solutions

Evoqua has over 100 years of water treatment experience to base its design, engineering, and manufacturing on to deliver the very best solutions for the green hydrogen industry. We have leading ultraviolet (UV) and electrodeionization technology solutions for the chemical-free generation of high purity water for PEM and alkaline electrolysis processes. Our high-performance UV systems eliminate total organic carbon (TOC) to help reach the quality and level of water purity required. And our continuous electrodeionization technology is an advanced solution for deionization for makeup and recirculation loop processes, which is saving operators significant costs and increasing the sustainability of production.

With the right high purity water solution, you can increase output, extend the life of production equipment, and help lower the cost of green hydrogen.

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