Reducing Footprint & Improving Water Quality at Raging Waves Water Park

Making waves with regenerative media filter technology

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Raging Waves is Illinois' largest outdoor water park. Sitting on more than 58 acres, this water park features 32 water slides, 2 kiddie pool areas, a wave pool, a lazy river, 37 private cabanas and more. Their Great Barrier Reef wave pool is enjoyed by thousands of guests daily, each excited to take on the seven different patterns the wave pool has to offer.

By the Numbers

,000 gallons of water
% footprint savings


With the growing popularity of Raging Waves, the 25,000 square foot wave pool was becoming the must-see attraction. As the water park was growing in number of attractions, so was the number of daily bathers jumping in the wave pool. With four traditional sand filters operating at full capacity dedicated to the wave pool, Raging Waves turned to the aquatic specialists at Evoqua to see how they can improve water quality while reducing water consumption.



With bather safety, water quality and sustainability concerns being top of mind, Evoqua recommended the installation of two Defender® regenerative media filters to replace the four traditional sand filters. The two Defender systems were dedicated to the wave pool and filtering 350,000 gallons of water with a flow of 2,900 gallons per minute. The increased number of bathers were no match for the Defender® filter units, the water remained clear and the wave pool stayed open 24/7.

The savings in water quickly become a significant part of the water treatment upgrade. With the two Defender regenerative media filters requiring draining only once a week, while the four traditional filters requiring backwashing once a day, at roughly 10,000 gallons a day, the water park was able to reduce its weekly water consumption for backwash from 70,000 to 2,000 gallons. With the savings in water, Raging Waves was able to increase the size of their expansion project and reinvest savings into upgrading their facilities.


With not having to backwash, the water park didn’t have to add fresh water to recoup what was being lost by the system. This provided savings in chemical usage while increasing bather safety. The water balance within the wave pool is the best it has ever been and has been stable with a perfect saturation index. No need to add calcium hardness, alkalinity to the pool water or any clarifying chemicals.

As an added benefit, replacing their four sand filters with two Defender filters offered a 75% savings in footprint, equal to a two-car garage. Ultimately, offering the opportunity to store their golf carts and other facility items during the winter months. During maintenance the system’s interface is intuitive and user-friendly, helping guide the operator in replacing the media or draining of the water via its bump technology.

" The construction of the world’s largest aquarium required experienced suppliers and contractors we knew we could rely on. We selected Neptune Benson to manufacture all of the sand filters for our facility. The support before, during, and after construction was outstanding. "

Jeff Hansen, Raging Waves Waterpark General Manager

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