Oil Manufacturer Achieves Consistent Water Quality

CEDI modules replace conventional DI technology to conserve water and reduce downtime

Since 1992, Lakhi Ram Lube Control Pvt. Ltd. has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of diesel exhaust fluid, intermediate bulk containers, engine oils, gear oils, etc. The company is well known in the automotive industry for its top-notch quality, services, on-time delivery, and contributions to water conservation and waste management initiatives.


Lakhi Ram Lube Control Pvt. Ltd. operates their manufacturing plant 24/7. It treats the municipal water supply by using conventional DI water systems to generate product water of the required capacity within a 20 hr cycle.

The plant needed to fulfill the increasing demand for constant high-purity water throughout the operation and reduce downtime. In conventional DI system treatment, ion exchange resin regeneration is necessary for recovering exhausted resins. This requires periodic break-in time, which affects plant operations. With their current low-capacity DI water systems, the facility could not meet the increased demand. Also, the wastewater from the regeneration process was high in pH and alkaline value and needed to be neutralized in a separate effluent treatment plant (ETP) with chemicals like NaOH and HCI before it was discharged. The untreated wastewater discharged resulted in irreversible repercussions to the environment and local community. Hence, the customer sought an alternative technology that would provide consistent water quality, reduce break-in time, and require less chemical consumption.


Lakhi Ram Lube Control Pvt. Ltd. reached out to Evoqua Water Technologies to supply a solution due to our technology reputation and large install base in India. After assessing the client’s current situation, our team recommended the chemical sanitizable Ionpure® CEDI LXM30Z modules to replace the conventional DI technology they were currently using. This solution would help solve their current issues and fit within their budget, meeting ROI requirements.

Our CEDI technology provides a one-step process for producing high-quality deionized water with a self-regenerating system that reduces the need for chemicals. The system generates 160 KL of deionized water per day, providing consistent quality throughout the operation. In addition, the system has a smaller footprint, user-friendly operating system, and requires no extra manpower. Below is the comparison sheet of DI and CEDI technology on space saving.

MBDI System m2
CEDI System m2
Floor Space Savings
11.4 4.2 1.4 67%
68.1 15.38 7.0 56%
227.1 31.6 13.9 56%
681.4 267.9 62.7 77%


Our technology has helped Lakhi Ram Lube Control Pvt. Ltd. maintain product quality, enhance its brand image, and reduce operational costs and production downtime with less chemical consumption. After one year of commissioning the project, the client has been satisfied with the Ionpure® CEDI system.