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Mark Pamperin
Product Manager - Biological Processes

OMNIPAC® SBR Field-Erected Systems

Fast, durable, advanced treatment

The OMNIPAC®​ SBR is a cost-effective, proven advanced wastewater system utilizing a DAVCO™ pre-engineered and factory built steel circular tank design that includes Evoqua's SBR systems with Jet Tech technology.  The result is a highly flexible and efficient treatment system that can be operational in weeks instead of months.

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 key benefits

Small footprint—Multiple SBR treatment basins with equalization basin and digester in one circular structure
Economical—Eliminates need for multiple treatment tanks, separate clarification, and sludge recycle systems; less yard piping, easy maintenance access, durable construction materials
Fast turnaround—Design, fabrication, and construction in weeks instead of months


OMNIPAC® SBR field-erected treatment plants are the perfect solution for flows from 0.05 to 1 MGD for a variety of municipal and industrial wastewater processing applications including:

  • Food & beverage
  • Petrochemical
  • Textile industries
  • Small communities and developments 


Treatment flexibility—High quality effluent for low start-up flows, capacity to expand
Tank configuration flexibility—Redundant process tanks, can include three SBR basins for further redundancy and additional stormflow
Advanced wastewater treatment—Ability to meet stringent nutrient removal limits

 Podcast: When to Consider an OMNIPAC® SBR

Click here to listen to Mike Doyle, Evoqua's Biological Process expert - in this Podcast interview - discuss why an OMNIPAC® SBR with Jet Tech technology and DAVCO™ steel field-erected treatment tanks reduce capital and operating costs.

 View this short video to learn more :

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