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Disinfection Solutions in Beverage Production

A 4-Part Webinar Series

Within the beverage sector, from bottled water, soft drinks and wine production, to brewing and distilling, safe and clean water is a critical ingredient in the manufacturing process, and for the sanitisation of equipment. Water must comply with regulatory requirements which are evolving to focus on higher levels of sustainability that make a positive contribution towards a more circular economy.

This 4-part webinar series introduces sustainable solutions like chemical-free UV, Ozone and chlorine-based disinfection systems that can help protect beverage processing from microbial contamination to ensure high-quality water that meets production requirements, reducing the risk of costly production downtime or damage to brand equity.

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4-Part Beverage Webinar Series

Part 1: Top Four Sustainable Disinfection Solutions for Beverage Processing

Ann Perreault, Senior Director, Product Management and Strategy

This webinar focuses on the top four sustainable disinfection solutions that Evoqua beverage clients are using. We highlight opportunities to improve the quality and safety of water used with self-sufficient methods of disinfection.

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Part 2: UV Disinfection for Microbial Control

Tony Leigh, Global Product Manager

Discover how to achieve protection of quality and brand integrity by utilizing validated UV disinfection technology. Attendees will learn how effective UV treatment can be used to reduce the use of chemicals or additives to prevent contamination, achieve water reuse initiatives and meet industrial effluent requirements.

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Part 3: Ozone for Effective Disinfection & Sanitisation

In this session, attendees will discover the benefits of Ozone for the beverage industry and how it has proved a superior disinfectant for CIP procedures, as well as manually washing down working surfaces, conveyors, and other items of equipment.

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Part 4: Selecting a Chemical Disinfectant to Prevent Contamination

Shailesh Powar, Global Product Manager

Chlorine can come in many forms, like in-situ generation of sodium hypochlorite or chlorine dioxide, but how do you decide which option is best for your beverage process? Join Evoqua experts to talk about the key considerations when choosing a chemical disinfectant. We review the top factors to consider when selecting a chemical solution to ensure the best results and cost efficiency in any beverage application.

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Ask the experts: In addition to a high-quality presentation, each webinar included a live Q&A session.


About the Presenters

Ann Perreault, Global Sr. Director of Product Management and Strategy

Ann leads the Disinfection products business focused on innovation and sustainability in water treatment solutions for municipal, industrial, and recreational water applications. She brings 25 years of innovation in technology, strategy, product management and marketing excellence primarily within the energy sector including water. Prior to Evoqua, she held various leadership positions at Honeywell, Eaton Corp and Xcel Energy. She joined Evoqua in 2021.

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Shailesh Powar, Global Product Manager

Shailesh has been working within the water industry for the past 30 years, making a significant contribution to chlorine-based disinfection systems. His experience spans project site execution to sales functions in South Asia, the Middle East and North America.

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Sueli Backes Roel, MBA, Industrial Disinfection Sales Manager

Sueli has been working in the F&B industry for the past 25 years. From bottling to process technology, her focus has been supporting the development of new technologies in the hygienic environment in Latin America, Europe, Africa and Middle East. With 10 years of experience in Industrial process water treatment, Sueli has worked with a wide range of customers to offer Disinfection & Filtration solutions.

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