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Aquatics and Coming Back After COVID – Are you Ready?

Running an aquatics center has been difficult during a pandemic. Are you ready to reopen? During this webinar you will learn about how innovation in your pool filter room can improve the health of your water & air quality while creating cost-saving sustainable solutions. We will discuss strategies on how to ensure your lifeguards, members, students and guests breathe easy in your facility. Lastly, we will review tips on reopening your pool facilities. Register today to learn how you can create a safe and pleasant swimming environment for all.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review of traditional technologies and solutions
  • Innovative and validated solutions providing improved ROIs 
  • Secondary disinfection and its impact on recreational waterborne illness and chloramines
  • Pool reopening tips

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About the Presenter

Scott Hyland
Scott is an expert in commercial water filtration, specializing in competition pools, waterparks, aquariums and other large aquatic facilities. He has more than 20 years of experience providing solutions for recreational water facilities across the United States, North, Central and South America.