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Maintenance Tips for the OSEC-NXT Electrolyzer

Regular maintenance of the chlorine membrane electrolysis system is a precondition for the customer to be able to make claims for defects. The below is an extract from the instruction manual.

Main Screen

This is displayed on the screen. This warning message will be displayed for the first time after six months, and then every twelve months. The chlorine membrane electrolysis system remains operational. The warning message is turned off again once you have confirmed that annual maintenance has been carried out by pressing the "Maintenance" button on the main "Service" menu , see chapter 5.12.4. Service menu. You can check when the next monthly or annual maintenance is due at any time by selecting "Operating data" in the "Diagnostics" menu.

Maintenance Parts Set

The parts required for performing annual maintenance are included in the maintenance parts sets. A distinction is made between the maintenance parts sets for wear parts for use after 1 year, after 2 years and after 5 years. In addition to this, there are also a pump head service set and a replacement rectifier fan available. See chapter 6.2 Maintenance parts sets for details.

The following additional tools are required to perform annual maintenance:

  • Multimeter
  • Clamp-on ammeter
  • Thermometer
  • Titration kit for chlorine
  • Salinometer, density range 1.180 to 1.240 g/cm³
  • Hose 6/8
  • Hose 6/8 for connecting 1/2“ screw connection
  • Empty sodium hydroxide canister
  • 20 l bucket
  • Stop watch

Maintenance Check List

The procedure and scope of annual maintenance is specified in maintenance checklist VD304-2. The specified sequence must be adhered to. Details on performing the various steps of the maintenance procedure are given in chapter 6.3 Detailed maintenance work. The maintenance checklist must be properly completed and signed and then returned to Evoqua Water Technologies GmbH, Günzburg (required for any defect liability claims).

Once the maintenance has been completed, the chlorine membrane electrolysis system can be started up again as described in chapter 6.6 Starting the system up again. Reset the warning message by pressing the "Maintenance" button on the main "Service" menu.

Safety Tip
Once a year, level 2 maintenance must be carried out by Evoqua service personnel or by personnel that have been trained and authorized by Evoqua for maintenance work. This is first required six months after the system is commissioned.