Odor & Corrosion Control

Eliminate odor complaints & protect your wastewater treatment system from harmful corrosion

Foul odors are common at many wastewater treatment facilities. Odors originate as the organics in the wastewater breakdown, releasing a smell like rotten eggs, ammonia, or garlic. These odors can be detected even at extremely low concentrations, but that is not to say they cannot be controlled.

In wastewater treatment systems the primary odor of concern is hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S). High levels of H2S can lead to odor complaints from the surrounding community and create unsafe conditions for workers. In addition, H2S can accelerate corrosion in collection systems and wastewater plants, leading to dangerous leaks and costly repairs.  

Evoqua provides odor and corrosion control solutions that protect the integrity of infrastructure and preserve quality of life. 

Evoqua provides odor and corrosion control solutions that prevent and remove H2S, protecting the integrity of infrastructure systems and preserving quality of life. Our technical expertise, reliable professional service network, and broad range of products and services allow us to provide the best solution to meet your needs.

Evoqua Odor and Corrosion Control Solutions

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