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Ballasted Clarification for more effective treatment

Proven technologies that make clarification faster and more reliable in a smaller footprint

BioMag®  and CoMag® Ballasted Settling Systems from Evoqua are proven wastewater and water solutions that increase the capacity and contaminant removal capabilities of primary, secondary, and tertiary treatment systems.  These ground-breaking technologies infuse magnetite as a weighting agent into chemical (CoMag) or biological (BioMag) floc, resulting in rapid and enhanced settling and clarification.

 BioMag Biological Treatment

​The BioMag Biological Treatment System enables an existing plant to double or triple its biological treatment capacity and achieve enhanced nutrient removal limits all within existing tanks.

The BioMag System routinely delivers:

  • TN < 3.0 mg/L
  • TP < 0.2 mg/L
  • Turbidity < 1 NTU 

 Comag Chemical Treatment

​The CoMag Particulate Removal System can produce effluent nearly equivalent to ultra-filtration at capital and operating costs competitive with conventional alternatives. It is an ideal technology for tertiary treatment and CSO and storm water management. It is also NSF approved for drinking water applications.

The CoMag System routinely delivers:

  • TP < 0.05 mg/L
  • TSS < 2.0 mg/L
  • Turbidity < 1 NTU

 Video - CoMag System

​Product Manager, Casey Whittier, explains how Evoqua's CoMag® System enhances solids settling, improves effluent quality, and increases treatment capacity.
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