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Wastewater Ion Exchange (WWIX) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Water One® WX Service?

Water One® WX Service combines wastewater ion exchange (WWIX) with remote monitoring and predictive analytics for reuse/recycle systems treating non-hazardous, lower-TDS (total dissolved solids) industrial wastewaters.

What is Wastewater Ion Exchange (WWIX)?

Wastewater Ion Exchange (WWIX) is a service exchange-based technology using portable tanks of ion exchange (IX) resin or adsorptive media to remove contaminants from wastewater.

What are the features of Water One® WX Service?

  • Consistent water quality for your process through 24/7 remote monitoring of your WWIX recycling system 
  • System alerts for water quality excursions, leaks and filter obstructions
  • Water quality data system performance report generation
  • Data-enabled historical analytics to assist with problem resolution

What applications does this offering target?

Water One® WX Services are targeted toward the aerospace, microelectronics, metal finishing and general industrial customers who value consistent water quality for their processes and the ability to produce water quality reports for their customers. Examples of target applications include the recycling of select metal finishing rinses, printed circuit board washing rinses and parts washing rinses.

Why is Water One® WX Service a benefit to your company?

Water One® WX Service allows you to focus on your business. Continuous monitoring reduces the risk of process upsets from unknowingly exhausting the WWIX tanks and producing poor quality recovered water. In the end, you have a partner to provide dependable, repeatable water quality results.

How can having real-time and historical water quality data help your Company?

Real-time and historical water quality data visibility allows us to help your company maintain a reliable and consistent water quality solution for your process(es). The availability of historical data allows data review and report generation to support any required troubleshooting efforts and/or quality audits by your customers. 

What types of How does Water One® WX Service operate?

A WWIX water recycling system is connected to a Water One® WX skid that measures a number of parameters associated with the wastewater feed and the recycled water. The measured parameters are monitored via cellular connection, through Xylem’s Link2Site® communications portal via a cellular connection, by the Xylem Digital Command Center (DCC) who initiates mixed-bed tank changes based on the effluent water quality setpoints.

What parameters does the Water One® WX skid measure and/or monitor?

The skid directly measures and logs the wastewater feed conductivity, worker mixed bed effluent resistivity, polisher mixed bed effluent resistivity, wastewater temperature, differential pressure across the prefilter and wastewater volume processed. The data collected is also used to calculate the average flowrate, the average wastewater feed conductivity and estimate the degree (%) of remaining mixed bed resin capacity. 

How are WWIX tank changes initiated and handled?

Our digital command center (DCC) initiates mixed bed tank changes based on alarms generated by the Water One® WX skid comparing monitored effluent resistivities to the minimum setpoint resistivities for each application. Service orders are generated for the respective local service branches who then schedule and carry out the required tank change(s).

What type of cellular service does the Water One® WX skid use?

The Water One® WX skid uses 4G LTE cellular technology for communicating with the Link2Site® Installing technicians carry cell boosters should they be required during installation.

Can the Water One® WX skid be installed outdoors?

The Water One WX skid was not designed for outdoor installation. It may be installed outdoors if it has proper protection. Minimal protection would be a roof or covering to protect from direct sunlight and rain, additional protection is advised and would include a means to minimize isolate the unit from other environmental conditions. The skid should not be installed such that it may be subject to freezing conditions.

Can the Water One® WX skid be anchored?

The Water One WX skid may be anchored to the ground by bolting the integral stand to the floor. Wall mounting of the skid is also possible by removing the stand and using one of the side pieces as a mounting bracket. In mounting the unit, care should always be taken to account for any local seismic or other installation requirements.