Regeneration of Ion Exchange Resin

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Regeneration of ion exchange resin: new technology, high quality, eco friendly

Discontinued product

Regeneration of ion exchange resin: new technology, high quality, eco friendly

Discontinued product
Regeneration of Ion Exchange Resin


Evoqua has several decades of experience in ion exchange resins for softening water to the degree needed in laboratories and industrial applications where pure and ultra-pure water is essential. With solutions developed to meet evolving separation and purification needs, Evoqua can help you operate your water treatment system efficiently and cost effectively. Evoqua has a simple process in place to provide customers with the services necessary to maintain their ion exchange systems for peak performance and long-term operation. Evoqua replaces and regenerates your ion exchange resin tanks off-site whenever they become exhausted.

Please contact us:

Evoqua Water Technologies GmbH
Hanskampring 19 A-B
22885 Barsbüttel

Tel.: +49 8221 904-543


Simply contact your Evoqua service partner and send your deionizer to our premises in Barsbüttel where the tanks will be refilled and returned back to you. From our base in Barsbüttel Evoqua are able to offer a local pick up and drop off service for customers who are working in the area of Hamburg. Evoqua also makes it possible for customers to deliver the deionizers in person. Small units can be refilled immediately.

Please check our opening times:

Monday to Thursday: 7.00am - 9.30am. 10.00am - 12.30pm. 13.00pm -15.30pm.

Friday: 7.00am - 9.30am. 10.00am - 12.30pm.

If you are operating outside of Hamburg, please contact us and we will organise the delivery and return.

Evoqua can regenerate all sizes of deionizers and regenerate ion exchange resin delivered in barrels (60 l) or tubs (500 l). Deionizers are available with the proven stainless steel quick-fit couplers (SK), 1 1/4” or with 3/4” threaded connectors. All deionizers are supplied without conductivity meter and hose set (or probe). Please order these devices separately.