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Defender® FP-Series System Controller

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Control solution for Defender FP-Series system

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Discontinued product

Control solution for Defender FP-Series system

Discontinued product


Defender FP-Series filters feature a PLC with simple push-button and selector switch interface for controlling all system operations. The FP-Series controller seamlessly integrates the PowerBumpTM system with a push-button initiated sequence that automatically completes the bumping cycle.


Easy to Use

The PLC interface is easily seen from outside the NEMA-4X enclosure to provide visual status indication during the bumping cycle.

Advanced Control

Provides control of the PowerBump system sequence, pneumatic valves and recirculation pump.

At a Glance

  • World-class Siemens Logo!® PLC
  • Push-button automatic - very basic design
  • NEMA-4X enclosure
  • Wall mounted
  • 120/230 VAC enclosure supply
  • 24 VDC solenoid valve supply
  • Initiate bump w/push-button
  • Valves cycle automatically
  • 10 minute precoat cycle
  • Recirculation pump interlock

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