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Continuous electrodeionization for high purity water in the European Union

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Discontinued product

Continuous electrodeionization for high purity water in the European Union

Discontinued product


The Ionpure® LX-EU CEDI modules produce deionized water through electrodeionization for a wide range of high purity and industrial applications. LX-EU modules consistently deliver maximum reliability and superior performance for Pharmaceutical, HPI/CPI, general electronics, food and beverage and laboratory applications without regeneration downtime.

Product Overview


  • Double O-ring seal guarantees leak-free operation
  • Superior electrical isolation
  • Proprietary “all-filled” concentrating compartments eliminate recirculation pump and brine injection
  • Wetted materials of construction comply with either FDA 21 CFR1 or EC Directives


  • Generates mixed-bed quality deionized water without the use of chemicals
  • Significantly lower operating costs than conventional ion exchange
  • No need for acid/caustic, neutralization system or exchangable DI tanks
  • Continuous production instead of batch, with consistent quality



  • ​​Product Flow Min. GPM (lph): ​2.5 (0.55)
  • ​​​Product Flow Nominal GPM (lph): 5.0 (1.1)
  • ​​​Product Flow Max. GPM (lph): 7.5 (1.65)


  • ​​Product Flow Min. GPM (lph): 4.5 (1.1)​
  • ​​Product Flow Nominal GPM (lph): ​​9.0 (2.0)
  • ​​Product Flow Max. GPM (lph): 13.5 (3.1)​


  • ​​Product Flow Min. GPM (lph): 6.3 (1.4)​
  • ​​Product Flow Nominal GPM (lph): ​12.5 (2.8)​
  • ​​Product Flow Max. GPM (lph): 18.8 (4.2)​


  • Product Flow Min. GPM (lph): 7.5 (1.65)​
  • ​​Product Flow Nominal GPM (lph): ​15.0 (3.3)​
  • ​​Product Flow Max. GPM (lph): ​22.5 (5.1)


  • ​​Product Flow Min. GPM (lph): 11.3 (2.55)​
  • ​​​Product Flow Nominal GPM (lph): ​22.5 (5.1)
  • ​​​Product Flow Max. GPM (lph): 33.8 (7.67)


  • ​​Product Flow Min. GPM (lph): 1.0 (0.22)
  • ​​Product Flow Nominal GPM (lph): ​2.0 (0.44)
  • ​​Product Flow Max. GPM (lph): 3.0 (0.67)