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Intake Screen Systems

A combination of traveling water screens, stationary water screens, stop logs, grab rakes, bar racks & pumps

Traveling water screen assemblies and related equipment are used to filter debris and aquatic life in varying sizes, from raw water sources such as rivers, lakes, streams and oceans. Screening systems are utilized at fossil-fuel power plants, nuclear power plants, drinking water facilities, refineries and other heavy industrial sites where large volumes of raw water are consumed.

Intake screening systems provide clean, debris-free raw water while minimizing ecological impacts. Intake traveling water screens need to be fish-friendly to be compliant with US EPA section 316(b). This means fish and other life forms are not impinged in the screen and are released back into their natural habitat.

Traveling water screens are designed for each location, customized for size and material. With over 15,000 installations worldwide Evoqua has original drawings dating back over 100 years which can be used for repairs and refurbishments. Using these drawings also saves on re-engineering costs.

Traveling water screen assemblies can be repaired or refurbished during planned maintenance events at fossil-fueled or nuclear power plants, pulp and paper facilities, drinking water facilities and other heavy industrial settings. Evoqua personnel can also provide top-side or below-water equipment assessments to determine the need for any repairs.

Current customers of our traveling water screen assemblies can take advantage of our ToolDOX Portal. Our equipment is serialized and comes with specific drawings and specifications. Access them online to request parts through an easy user interface. Click on the link below to learn more.

Evoqua's ToolDOX Portal for Intake
Protecting The Environment

Models of the traveling screen & assembly, can protect wildlife to larval size, transporting it back into its natural habitat

14,000 Installations

We have over 14,000 water screen installations worldwide & have most of the original drawings & specifications

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Evoqua / ASI Group alliance

Our intake/traveling water screen team has created an alliance with ASI Group, an exemplary commercial diving and marine construction company headquartered in Canada.

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Dual Flow Traveling Water Screens

Industry standard for large, raw water channel screening equipment.

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Fish Protection Traveling Water Screen Retrofit

Existing traveling water screens can be upgraded to comply with 316(b) regulations

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Fish Protection Traveling Water Screen

Fish Protection Products for Large Water Intake Systems - Power Plants

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Stationary Water Screens

Ideal for applications where not a lot of debris is expected and doesn't' require a travelling screen

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Bar Racks

First line of defense removes large debris from raw water intake systems.

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Trash Rakes

Complete and efficient Debris removal from Bar Racks

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Stop Gates

Stop Gates (often called Stop Logs) stop the flow of water through an Intake Sytem Channel

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Fine Mesh Overlay Panel

Seasonal insert that provides fish protection even in the larval stage

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Thru Flow Traveling Water Screen

Work horse of the water industry for generations

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