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Stenner PCM Modules

The PCM (Pump Control Module) is a time-adjustable controller that powers a fixed output pump. It operates with a pulsing dry contact water meter that sends a signal to the PCM which actuates the pump to deliver the desired dose based upon water volume. It is one of the components in the Proportional Injection System that also includes the Classic series single head fixed output pump and a 3/4"" plastic water meter pre-installed on a heavy duty panel. Purchasing the items separately offers flexibility with the water meter selection. Available in plastic or Eco Brass with variety of sizes and pulse rates, to customize your own proportional feed installation.

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Stenner PCM Pump Control Module

Stenner PCM Pump Control Module

Material: W2T146214

The PCM is a device that allows a chemical feeder's on-time to be initiated by the flow of water through a contact output water meter. As the water passes through the meter, the PCM will activate the chemical feeder for a pre-determined time duration, in turn establishing a fixed ratio of chemical solution to volume of water. Time cycle: 0.5-5.0 sec

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