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Proactive Customer Service Makes Evoqua the Partner of Choice

Evoqua delivers high purity water purification and outstanding service to a large medical laboratory


A major medical center in Oklahoma was undergoing a very large instrumentation implementation for chemistry and hematology equipment with a strict timeline. The medical center brought in the regional Director of Outreach Laboratories to assist in the implementation in order to ensure a successful outcome. The healthcare laboratory was in the process of purchasing clinical analyzers when the director realized that Evoqua was not the vendor of choice for the water purification system. The director halted the current purchase order and insisted that Evoqua install the high purity water purification system due to her past experience with the company.  She had worked with multiple vendors and knew that Evoqua was the best partner for this project based on their technical knowledge and proactive commitment to customer service.  


Evoqua was able to quickly step in and assess the situation. Temporary deionized (DI) water tanks were installed with the new chemistry analyzers to keep the project on track. Evoqua stayed in constant communication with all team members to ensure that the medical center’s needs were being met.  Once the director received approval to purchase capital equipment, Evoqua supplied two Medica® systems with boost pumps to provide reliable, high purity water to the chemistry analyzers. The laboratory was in an older part of the hospital with various layout and space constraints. Evoqua’s local service technician was able to work with the medical center to find the best possible solution for the Medica system installation.


The Medica system installation went seamlessly! With the new system in place, the laboratory has the necessary water quality needed for the chemistry analyzers.  Due to the close partnership with Evoqua, the laboratory did not experience any downtime during the temporary or final installation of the solution.  Evoqua’s constant, clear and open communication reassured the client that the high purity water system would be implemented seamlessly. In addition, a preventative maintenance agreement ensures the customer’s water system performs optimally and lessens the risk of downtime.  On-going local support is available if any issues should arise. The medical laboratory leadership team has praised Evoqua’s local sales, service and on-site installation team for the tremendous service.

" Evoqua is a true partner and is customer driven. When you have somebody local, that makes all the difference. "

Director of Outreach Laboratories

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