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Rental Solution Treats VOCs During Remediation Project

Rental groundwater treatment system chosen for groundwater remediation at Manufactured Gas Plant


Carbonair was hired by a natural gas utility company to provide on-site groundwater treatment, during a remediation project at a Manufactured Gas Plant. As part of the remediation treatment remedy, contractors had to excavate and remove large quantities of soil at the source of the contamination. The soil and water in this area were heavily contaminated with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) otherwise known as VOCs, which were present in dissolved form and as free product. The excavated area had to be dewatered at a rate of 500 gpm during excavation due to the high water table.


Carbonair designed and supplied a rental groundwater treatment system, consisting of granular activated carbon (GAC) vessels and our STATs, to meet discharge requirements, allow uninterrupted operation and have sufficient capacity to last throughout the excavation period — without media in the carbon vessel needing to be replaced.

Carbonair Field Technicians installed the carbon vessel system, performed water treatment system startup and trained customer staff in how to operate the groundwater treatment equipment. In addition, Carbonair provided 24-hour emergency on-call service.


The groundwater remediation treatment system operated as designed on a 24-hour basis for the life of the project without any downtime or media replacement required. As a result, the contractors were able to proceed with, and complete, the excavation of the contaminated soil without any delays, saving money and avoiding any costly permit violations.

Carbonair field technicians disassembled and removed the groundwater treatment equipment and arranged for the disposal of the spent filter media, completing the “cradle to grave” solution to our customer’s temporary water treatment needs for this project.

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