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Embassy Office Upgrades Potable Water Treatment System

UV disinfection provides clean water in small footprint and requires minimal maintenance

At the embassy about one hundred staff members and officers are working daily. Among other improvements to the facility, the filtration and disinfection system for potable water was being upgraded. 


The water treatment system should provide clean, clear, odourless water with minimal chlorine by-products and a low bacteria count (at least log 4 reduction or > 99.99 %). The installation must be user-friendly, simple, compact and robust, with just minimal maintenance due to restricted security access. 

There are not only requirements on the product itself but on the provider, too. The system vendor must be established with a proven track record in water filtration and disinfection applications for more than 10 years. 


Trident Water & Process Technologies in Malaysia offered a Wallace & Tiernan® product, a Barrier® S UV disinfection unit as the last step in the water treatment system. This series of UV disinfection systems cover a wide capacity range up to 200 m3/h using the latest development in high power, high intensity UV lamps. With power ratings of 45 to 400 W – depending on water quality and flow rate – the number of lamps in a system can vary. 

The complete water treatment system also includes a stainless-steel multimedia filter, a stainless-steel depth cartridge filter and a high intensity stainless cartridge filter. The whole system was designed by Trident Water and Evoqua together to offer a robust, durable and cost-effective solution. 


The Barrier® S unit was installed in January 2015. The UV system works continuously with a flow from 38.5 m3/h. 

" Our established mutually beneficial working relationship with Evoqua has proven to improve our professional image and water technology know-how. "

Lim Wee-Keong, Technical & Operations Director at Trident Water Technology & Engineering Alliance in Malaysia

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