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Upgrade of WWTP Expands Capacity and Improves Operating Efficiency

GoFlo™ Continuous Fill Batch Reactor (CFBR) system helps plant overcome wastewater treatment challenges


The existing wastewater treatment plant for the City of Eastland was constructed in the early 1990s as a conventional activated sludge process and is nearing the end of its useful life. The new wastewater treatment system will use Evoqua's GoFlo™ Continuous Fill Batch Reactor (CFBR) system to treat an average design flow of 0.6 million gallons per day (MGD), with peak flows up to 1.8 MGD, allowing the facility to meet the state's current and future nutrient removal requirements. This upgrade will expand treatment capacity, improve energy efficiency and better handle peak wet weather flows in a small footprint.


​The GoFlo™ CFBR system with Jet Tech technology is an efficient, simple to operate biological wastewater treatment process designed to take the complexity out of wastewater treatment. Compared to conventional activated sludge plants, the GoFlo CFBR system accomplishes equalization, aeration, and clarification in a single reactor basin. The GoFlo CFBR system is ideally suited for treating flows from 25,000 gallons per day (GPD) to tens of millions of GPD, with storm flows up to five times the design flow. Enprotec / Hibbs & Todd, Inc. (eHT) Engineers worked closely with Evoqua to provide the engineering and design. Purcell Contracting Ltd. is the general contractor for this project. Joshua Berryhill, PE, with eHT stated that his firm and the City of Eastland are excited to see Evoqua's first continuous fill SBR system go online in Texas. Commissioning of the plant is expected to take place in the Fall of 2020.


Evoqua's SBR systems with Jet Tech technology have helped municipalities and industries overcome wastewater challenges for over 35 years across 700 successful installations. Today, Evoqua's SBR systems are successfully treating wastewater in plants ranging from 0.01 MGD to 60 MGD. Evoqua's product experts provide process knowledge and expertise to deliver SBR systems that provide superior consistent performance, flexible design and simple operation under the most demanding wastewater treatment conditions

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