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Organic Bottling Facility Ensures Product Integrity with UV Disinfection

ETS-UV™ system eliminates waterborne risk

‚ÄčOur client was established in 2004 as a bottler/packer of teas and sports drinks for major suppliers around the globe. This 24-hour operation employs over 150 people and operates three, eight hour shifts. The facility is a proud recipient of the OCIA designation, which means they run an all-organic production facility.


Waterborne microorganisms and contaminants of emerging concern such as pharmaceuticals and personal care products in the water are responsible for adverse effects on the flavor, color, odor and shelf life of soft drinks, bottled water and food products. Water used in the food and beverage industry, either for product, or as part of the process must be treated in order to ensure the integrity of the product. Ultraviolet disinfection provides an effective disinfection solution. There is no residual left behind by UV treatment, which would interfere with the taste, color, or product chemistry of the water, but it does eliminate any pathogens and spoilage organisms present.

The bottler has a unique set of variables. The plant has the ability to choose between the use of on-site well water and/or municipal water. There are times throughout the day when the water flow fluctuates. It is crucial that the UV system be able to automatically switch between the different types and flows of water, and continuously and automatically deliver the required dose of UV disinfection. In addition, space is at a premium for this facility and the footprint must be small. The area in which the process must be installed has a fence that does not have the ability to be relocated.


After consideration of a variety of disinfection processes, the ETS-UV SX-635-16 system was chosen. This inline, 3rd party validated system is equipped with 16" flanges, features (6) 3.5 kW medium pressure UV lamps that provide a dose of 120 mJ/cm2, and sealed, validated monitors.

The ETS-UV™ system has the ability to dose pace so the correct UV dosage is being applied to the water flowing through the system, adjusting lamp power to accommodate changes in flow and water quality when the client switches between source water. The validated UV monitors are sealed and cannot be operator adjusted.

The lamp design offers a twist and lock feature that automatically positions the lamp frame out of the UV monitor path. The automated, in-line wiping system incorporated in the design, keeps the quartz sleeves free from fouling typically caused by the iron in nutrient rich well water.


The disinfection system has helped to maintain product stability, does not require hazardous chemicals or harsh additives, and will not produce toxic by-products. By applying UV disinfection the beverage bottler has reduced the risk of costly production downtime, product recall, and damage to brand equity.  


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