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High-quality anodes for precision performance in printed circuit board manufacturing

As consumer demand for electronics rises, the printed circuit board (PCB) market is booming and expected to have a value of over $69 billion by 2024*. Now more than ever, it is key the manufacturing of PCBs is highly efficient to meet demand and Magneto’s anodes are playing a vital role in this.

Magneto’s industry-leading anodes offer quality, as well as being cost and operationally efficient. Another key benefit for operators is the low consumption of additives with our anodes. As our products are customised to the customer’s specific requirements, using the correct coating means there is minimal degradation of chemicals.

The Manufacturing Process

The PCB market sees electrical components being plated with copper, as well as tin, nickel and gold plating. This is a highly demanding market where the combination of electrolyte and anode will highly influence the end result when looking at the influence of chemical components such as levelers.

Hole metallization and plating technology are widely used in PCB manufacturing procedures to solve the key problems of interlayer connection or conduction. In the process of acidic copper plating in PCB, special organic additives are added to generate a metal deposit layer with fine grain, uniform copper distribution on the board and preferable via filling ability. In this process, the coating design of insoluble titanium anode plays a role in ensuring the uniformity of current distribution and controlling the reasonable and effective additive consumption.

Magneto products anodes for applications including:

  • PCB VCP DC copper plating
  • Through hole and blind hole copper plating
  • Blind hole and through hole via filling plating
  • PCB RPP copper plating horizontal pulse plating - through hole filling plating
  • Vertical pulse plating - high aspect ratio through hole plating
  • PCB gold plating
  • Semiconductor plating
  • RTR plating
  • Lead frame plating
  • Special Selecta ® mixed metal oxide (MMO) coated titanium anode for VCP
  • Special mixed metal oxide (MMO) coated titanium anode for RPP
  • Development of coatings with low consumption of additives (based on specific additive types)
  • Platinised anode (titanium based or niobium based optional)
  • Recoating of plate anode (over 3mm)
  • Quantitative detection of additive consumption (CVS)

Thanks to high-quality and performance, short lead times and global customer support, Magneto is the supplier of choice for the PCB industry.


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