MAGNETO® Anodes are a critical part of the Electrochlorination process

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The story of Magneto Special Anodes begins in 1957, when Dr. Henri Beer applied for the patent of the titanium anode. Since then, the company has been through tremendous development.

Evoqua Magneto has three locations based across the globe to support our customers:

Schiedam, Netherlands
Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province, China
Union NJ, USA

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Water, electricity and chloride ions with a certain concentration can be used to produce available chlorine (including HClO, ClO-, and Cl2) on site by electrolysis. Available chlorine, as a broad-spectrum fungicide, can kill bacteria or algae and shellfish in the water and prevent the attachment of marine organisms on the coastal facilities and pipelines. It is also able to sterilize water for a variety of processes.


Chemical Reaction:

Anode:            2Cl-  →  Cl2  +  2e-

Cathode:         2H2O + 2e-  →  2OH- + H2

Electrolyte:    Cl2 + H2O  →  HOCl + Cl- + H+

                       HOCl  →  H+ + OCl-





  • Antifouling by seawater electrolysis
  • Ballast water treatment
  • Drinking water disinfection
  • Other disinfection


Products and Services

  • High-performance Keramox® electrodes for Electrochlorination
  • Reversal Polarity Titanium electrode for special application
  • High-performance MAGCHLOR® electrode for Electrochlorination cell
  • Various types of renovation of seawater Electrochlorination cell

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