MAGNETO® Anodes are a critical part of the electro-dialysis process

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The story of Magneto Special Anodes begins in 1957, when Dr. Henri Beer applied for the patent of the titanium anode. Since then, the company has been through tremendous development.

Evoqua Magneto has three locations based across the globe to support our customers:

Schiedam, Netherlands
Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province, China
Union NJ, USA

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The electro-dialysis process is a combination of electrochemical process and dialysis diffusion process. Driven by an external DC electric field, the anion and cation move to the anode and cathode respectively via the selective permeability of the ion exchange membrane (i.e. the cation will pass through the cation exchange membrane and the anion will pass through the anion exchange membrane). In the process of ion migration, if the fixed charge of the membrane is opposite to the charge of the ion, the ion will pass through; if their charges are the same, the ion is rejected, so achieves the diluted solution, concentrated solution, purified solution.



  • Preparation of ultra pure water by continuous electrodeionization (EDI)
  • Electro-dialysis reactor (ED/EDR) for material separation and high-salt wastewater concentration
  • Desalination of seawater and brackish water


Scope of Services

  • Supporting supply of electrode materials for core parts
  • Platinum plated and MMO coated electrodes
  • Design and production of customized electrode
  • Coating design for different current density and life requirements
  • Targeted coating design according to different electrolyte and feed liquid system·

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