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OSEC® Hypochlorite Generation Systems

On-site hypochlorite generation systems operate by electrolyzing a brine solution.

​The systems produce sodium hypochlorite onsite and on demand, at a cost that is significantly lower than purchased hypochlorite. Unlike purchased hypochlorite, the production on demand means that the hypochlorite does not degrade, subsequently there is no reduction of product strength. The OSEC® On-site Chlorination System product line is designed to accommodate applications ranging from potable water disinfection and leisure to marine and off-shore.

 Hypochlorite Generation Product Line

OSEC® B-Pak System​Bipolar brine-based hypochlorite generator, Packaged Skid​Municipal/Industrial65 - 1500​30 – 680
​​OSEC® B-Plus System​Bipolar brine-based hypochlorite generator, Modular​Municipal/Industrial130 - 200060 - 960
OSEC® B System​Monopolar brine-based hypochlorite generator, Skid or Modular​Municipal/Industrial65 - 200014 - 960
OSEC® L System​Low capacity bipolar brine-based hypochlorite generator​​Municipal/Industrial/Aquatics​5 - 20​2.2 - 8.8
OSEC®-LC Plus System​Low capacity brine-based hypochlorite generator​Municipal/Industrial13 - 26​6 - 12
​OSEC® BP System​Low capacity Bipolar brine-based hypochlorite generator​Municipal/Industrial​12 - 486 - 23
​​OSEC® A System​Oxychlorination system​Aquatics​0.7 - 30.3 – 1.2
OSEC®-NXT System​Membrane electrochlorination system​Aquatics​13 - 132 ​6 – 60


Drinking  water disinfectionProcess water treatmentMunicipal and commercial pool & leisure
Wastewater and Water Reuse disinfectionCorrosion and biofouling controlDecorative, fountains and water features
Distribution system re-chlorinationCooling tower treatmentRecreational and theme parks
Reservoir residual managementWastewater disinfectionAquaculture, fisheries
 ChloraminationHigh-purity water
Food & Beverage process water OSEC® Hypochlorite Generation Systems