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ProStrainer™ Product

The first and only dual basket high capacity pump strainer, flow straightener, and air evacuator in one product, with patented Horizontal Laminar Flow (HLF) Technology.
Our standard series comes in all flange sizes. Our reducing series allows for a flange size to match the pump.


EFS ModelsOffer a 15 inch influent and 6 inch effluent nipple on our standard ProStrainer™ unit. The influent nipple has a 3/4″ (1 inch or 1.25 inch half coupling) gauge port for easy installation of a flow switch. The effluent nipple has two 1/2″ ports at 10 and 2 o’clock for a vacuum breaker and a sensor that may be required. The extra-long influent nipple with port helps save money by eliminating the need for a stainless spool piece.
​Guzzler Models
​Offer a large body with small flanges which allows for longer cycle runs and a greater holding capacity.
​BU or Bult Up Models
​For easy retrofitting by eliminating the nipples all together. These shorter units also assist with retrofitting in a confined space and have the shortest distance from face of flange to face of flange.
​Dual Port Models
Offers two effluent ports for the connection to multiple pumps without building pipe manifolds. In a variety of applications, this model can eliminate the need to install a second strainer.
PC or Pump Connect ModelsHave the ability to directly connect the strainer to the pump suction flange. The extremely low profile of these units can improve the overall NPSH available which ultimately improves pump performance.

 Features & Benefits

  • ​All stainless steel components
  • Adjustable draw latch lid clamping system
  • Grounding lug hole
  • Integrated mounting holes built into feet
  • Integrated lid handles for easy and safe service
  • Easy access external flush and clean out plug
  • Two basket design automatically balancing uniform directional flow for extended run and reduced maintenance time
  • Exclusive “Bag Grabber” reduces chance of major flow blockage by large debris
  • Clear lid provides easy inspection
  • Small industry footprint
  • Open area ratios beat competitors by up to 300%
  • Each strainer is fully tested prior to delivery
  • Easy, 10 second lid removal
  • Manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A.
  • Lowest profile for easiest strainer retrofitting
  • Clog blocker protects against large debris instantly fouling pump performance
  • Promotes best industry NPSH for improved pump performance, reduces pump HP requirements
  • Horizontal Laminar Flow (HLF) creates clog free by-pass design

 Optional Features

  • Stainless Mounting Kit – Adjustable legs which allow the ProStrainer™ unit at the precise height for alignment with the pump and piping
  • High Capacity Baskets – High capacity baskets design that allows for even more open area and increased holding capacity which further reduces maintenance and operating cost
  • Metal Fire rated lids – Metal can replace the polycarbonate lids in situations where it is not necessary to see in or on high rise applications were metal lids are required
  • NSF Lids – NSF lids are for applications that require the approval which are rated up to 50 PSI ProStrainer™ Product