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Defender® Regenerative Media Filters

Award winning water filtration system capable of filtering down to 1 micron and requiring no backwash. 

​The Defender® Regenerative Media Filter provides exceptional water filtration along with significant water and energy savings compared to traditional sand filtration. It has rapidly replaced sand filters as the premier choice for water filtration in recreational water applications.  It provides maximum performance, longevity and user friendliness while helping to reduce the global water footprint— an outcome that is good for the planet and our resources.

Access brochures and schematics for the Defender filter.

Access drawings for the Defender filter.


​Designed with performance in mind

Tank Construction

All vessels are conservatively engineered and manufactured with Flexsol 3000™ interior lining and include a 10 year fully rated warranty. The lining protects all wetted surfaces against corrosion to maximize the life expectancy of the vessel.


The Defender® media filter utilizes an intuitive graphic interface for controlling and monitoring all of its operations.  It features an animated graphic display, advanced communication & data logging, automated capabilities, remote monitoring capabilities, VFD connectivity, and UV connectivity.

Vacuum Transfer

At the push of a button, a self-contained, integrated pump quickly introduces dry media into the Defender filter. This feature eliminates the mess and additional equipment required by wet, slurry designs.

Internal Hydraulics

Our underdrain manifold is engineered to achieve ideal distribution of influent flow. The generous open area serves to minimize turbulence and ensure superior flex tube coverage.

Lifting Davit

At some point it may be necessary to access the interior of the vessel. Our unique tank mounted davit permits easy access without remote lifting devices. The davit reduces the overall height requirement and saves valuable floor space.

It’s all about the “Bump!”

The Defender filter is programmed to automatically “bump” on a daily basis to regenerate the media coating of the flex tubes. This incredible benefit maximizes system performance while enhancing sustainability and conservation.


As the bump tire deflates (A), the tube sheet lowers to loosen the media and trapped debris. The re-inflation of the bump tire (B) raises the tube sheet and forces water into the flex tubes, gently expanding them to fully release all material. This bump cycle pulses ten times to ensure the entire cleansing process.

At the completion of the bump cycle, the Defender® will automatically pre-coat the flex tubes and re-commence the filter cycle. The bump is a vital function in order to achieve superior filtration and to make the most out of every filter cycle.

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