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​​Dave Anderson
Product Manager

Mobile and Temporary Water Treatment Services

Evoqua Water Technologies offers temporary and mobile treatment systems in configurations to ensure that water supplies remain uninterrupted and unaffected by emergency or short-term issues that can arise.
​Evoqua's temporary and mobile water treatment systems provide supplemental water to handle short-term water shortages or meet peak demand. We provide temporary water while customers await new water systems to be delivered and installed; while an existing system is shut down for scheduled maintenance or due to specific regulatory issues. 

These systems offer a range of treatment options, including clarification, media filtration, membrane filtration, demineralization, reverse osmosis, and induced air flotation. Systems are either skid- or trailer-mounted in our state-of-the-art, climatized assets. Trailers contain instrumentation and equipment for a fully automatic and monitored operation, and are backed by an inventory of critical components. Installation is minimized with quick hose and simple utility connections, all of which are performed by our skilled installation and service technicians. And, with several regional dispatch and regeneration facilities in North America, we can service and exchange these trailers with rapid response and a quick turnaround.

Evoqua Water Technologies guarantees the quality and quantity of produced water from its mobile treatment systems. A reliable and extensive service network, an ever-expanding trailer fleet, and strategically located regeneration facilities allow Evoqua to effectively serve our large North American customer base.​

Mobile and Temporary Water Tre​​atment ServicesDescript​ion
FlexRO® Reverse Osmosis UnitsSkid-mounted, self-contained systems that produce a nominal 100 gpm of product water.​
​FlexTrex® Deionization Portable Systems​Skid-mounted systems ideal for polishing raw water and RO permeate​.
Mobile Clarifier Trailer​Self-contained, trailer-mounted units capable of treating highly turbid water.
Mobile Horizontal Filter TrailerHigh-capacity, trailer-mounted system designed to provide temporary water treatment in a wide variety of industrial and municipal applications.
Mobile Pretreatment TrailerSelf-contained, trailer-mounted systems ideally suited for temporary multimedia filtration, iron filtration, activated carbon, or softening.
Mobile Separation TrailerSelf-contained, trailer-mounted system configured with up to four skid-mounted reverse osmosis (RO) modules that provide temporary mobile RO water.
Mobile Demineralizer TrailerAvailable in four different trailer configurations treating up to 600 gpm.
Preflex Pretreatment UnitsModular, pre-plumbed, skid-mounted pretreatment vessels used as a multimedia filter, iron filter, activated carbon filter or softener.
Rental DAF UnitsRental Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) systems are available for short-term rental or long-term lease.
Mobile Reverse Osmosis TrailerCombine pretreatment vessels and RO units in a single, self-contained trailer.​


​​Typical uses of our temporary and mobile water treatment systems include:
  • Increases in flow requirement
  • Emergency/scheduled maintenance 
  • Seasonal water changes
  • Process water/treated water quality changes
  • Long-term stationary system with modular expansion capability
  • Interim use until a permanent system is installed
  • Facility expansion 
  • Pilot testing 

 Features and Benefits

  • ​​​No capital investment 
  • Broad-based service network with strategically located regeneration facilities 
  • Comprehensive QA program to ensure quality and quantity of water produced 
  • Small footprint  
  • Self-contained systems include instrumentation and equipment for automatic and monitored operation 
  • Easy installation with flanged connections and ready utility hook up 
  • Extensive fleet to provide capacity on demand 
  • Reduced installation cost and time 
  • No on-site handling or storage of chemicals 
  • Guaranteed water quality and quantity​​
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