Water Reuse & Recycle Case Studies

Evoqua is proud to offer a variety of products and technologies for industrial water recycle and reuse applications.

 Case Studies

​Water reuse and recycle offers a wealth of benefits, including decreasing costs of fresh water, improving operational efficiency, and reducing strain on drought-stricken areas. With a wide array of reuse and recycle solutions available, Evoqua has the right product or technology to meet your needs. Learn more by reading the case studies below:

​Leading Bottled Water Company Uses CDI® System to Meet Water Quality & Environmental & Safety Requirements  

A trusted west coast bottled water company, known for its environmentally conciousness and commitment to employee safety, ditched its traditional mixed-bed deionizers for a chemical-free technology: Continuous Electrodeionization (CEDI). The company chose to use Evoqua's CDI® P-180 System to produce high-purity water, eliminating waste neutraliation, as well as the need for harmful regeneration chemicals.

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​Floridian Water Reclamation Plant Installs Water Champ® FX System to Improve Performance & Lower Costs   

St. Petersburg, Florida, has with one of the country's largest water reuse programs, which serves industrial, residential, and municipal customers. The St. Petersburg Northeast Water Reclamation plant-one of three plants servicing the area-underwent renovations, adding Evoqua's Water Champ® FX System to replace the existing mixers. The Water Champ FX System provided superior results, including a 30% reduction in chemical usage and the elimination of fecal coliforms in the effluent.

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​Evoqua's MEMCOR® XS Submerged Membrane System Is a Cost-Efficient Upgrade for Homestead Water Company

Located just west of Richmond, Virginia, the Homestead is the longest-running destination resort in the United States. The resort and surrounding community relies on the Homestead Water Company to meet the Surface Water Treatment Rule (SWTR). In order to do so, the water company replaced its existing filtration methods with Evoqua's fully automated MEMCOR® XS Submerged Membrane System, which delivered superior results and reduced operating costs.

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Reuse of Municipal Wastewater for Industrial Plant Supply

In order to grow sustainability and demands for fresh water, many municipalities and utility companies have enacted efficient water reuse programs or built reuse facilities. One company required the assistance of Evoqua to ensure reuse demands were met. After an evaluation of the municipal wastewater effluent, we recommended a preliminary design for a full-scale system utilizing ultrafiltration (UF) and reverse osmosis (RO).

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Chemical Plant Approaches Zero Discharge

In order to develop guidelines to reach a wastewater treatment goal of zero, a major chemical plant on the Gulf Coast called upon Evoqua for a solution. After shutting down its old demineralizer, Evoqua's engineering team designed and installed a system consisting of an expandable 300-gpm reverse osmosis (RO) system with mobile cation softening to pretreat the RO. This resulted in a reduction of wastewater by 22 million gallons annually, as well as elimnated a costly emergency mobile demineralizer expense.  

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