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Introducing The VXM Series

A New Line of Medium Pressure UV Systems

This new series from the ETS-UV family is targeted to deliver superior disinfection for industrial water in applications requiring performance at low UV transmittance or requiring high doses. The VXM addresses an unmet need in industrial applications bringing a powerful new system to market that is fully configurable to the unique disinfection needs of industrial applications, especially the pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries.

VXM Line - UV Systems

VXM UV systems are ideal for applications requiring lower UV transmittance, including:

  • Liquid sugar
  • Wastewater
  • Wastewater recovery
  • and Hydroponics

The line of VXM products have also been designed for applications requiring higher doses, including:

  • Dechlorination
  • Wastewater Recovery
  • and Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP)

The VXM medium pressure UV systems meet a wide range of industrial water treatment needs and are especially ideal for water dechlorination and sugar syrup. 

Key benefits of the systems include; an axial design that enables the VXM systems to perform at high power with a smaller connection which eliminates jetting, provides a very high-power UV unit in a small volume envelope with the ability to connect the system to smaller connection pipes, and expertly designed to overcome the challenges of disinfecting the high viscosities and low UV transmittance encountered in sugar solutions. Select products within the VXM family use a ‘thin film’ design, where the distance between the UV lamp and the wall of the UV reactor is less than 10mm, designed specifically to treat liquid sugar. Additionally, the VXM products are very suitable for the dechlorination of water, providing a high level of power density and considerably higher doses than standard disinfection systems.

" Medium pressure UV presents a great alternative for disinfection when high power is needed. We are excited for the VXM range of UV systems to help solve water challenges in a variety of industrial applications. "

Tony Leigh, Global UV Product Manager - Evoqua Water Technologies

Evoqua’s VXM range provides cost-effective and efficient water treatment with flexible options for easy integration. The medium-pressure polychromatic lamps, combined with the variable power option allows operators to minimize OPEX costs while still delivering the required treatment effectiveness. The range of configurable options, from surface finishes to pipe connections allows the user to configure the product easily to their specific requirements.

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Evoqua’s VXM product line is certified as safe for disinfection in the most stringent industrial applications.

Evoqua has completed the following certifications for its VXM products: ACS, EC1935/2004, CE, FDA compliant, NSF61, and UL.Evoqua UV disinfection generator systems undergo third-party validation testing in accordance with the UVDGM (USEPA, 2006). Validated products are tested to confirm a minimum inactivation equivalent of 3 log (99.9%) for microorganisms in accordance with NSF/ANSI 50 and the UVDGM. Performance is not claimed nor implied for any product not yet validated; unvalidated products use single point summation calculations to provide delivered dose recommendations. Performance limitations depend on feed conditions, overall installed system design, and operation and maintenance processes; please refer to Operations Manuals. For more information: contactus@evoqua.com

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