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Individual Filter Outlet (IFO) UV Installation

The next generation of UV design that saves space and costs, while increasing operational and environmental efficiency

UV (ultraviolet) disinfection technology has been delivering improved water quality for water treatment plants for decades but, for some sites, the technology has been out of reach or limited due to space constraints, hydraulic limitations, or costs. But not anymore, thanks to an innovative new approach, individual filter outlet (IFO) installations. 

Today, innovation is more important than ever as the drinking water industry works to improve water quality, safety, operational efficiency and meet tightening environmental requirements, against a backdrop of increasing costs, supply chain challenges and space constraints. Plants need solutions that deliver more, for less and this is exactly what the IFO approach achieves.


A New Way of Approaching UV 

UV is a highly effective barrier against Cryptosporidium and Giardia parasites. Based on over 100 years of water treatment experience, Xylem + Evoqua has pioneered the IFO approach. This approach allows waterworks, that have to date been limited by space constraints in their ability to include UV disinfection into their treatment, to apply this effective chemical free disinfection method. This new, alternate installation option helps by reducing costs and energy consumption, improving overall treatment efficiency and site resilience, as well as easing retrofitting into existing plants.

This innovative design works by installing a UV system on each individual filter outlet before the combined filter channel. At the center of our industry-first IFO solution is the Evoqua Wafer® UV System. This leading UV system design is up to 50% smaller than competitive UV systems, yet delivers high UVDGM validated disinfection performance and low environmental impact.


The benefits of the IFO approach are vast compared to conventional UV system installations.

  • No additional building or room required, mitigating space constraints
  • Reduced demand for pipeworks and additional infrastructure, lowering construction requirements
  • Feasible sequential implementation during regular operations, easing project complexity and risk
  • Enhanced flexibility to accommodate varying flow rates, ensuring operational adaptability
  • Potential reduction in the overall project budget, optimizing resource utilisation

" IFO presents a great alternative for optimising a waterwork’s efficiency and overcoming infrastructure challenges when integrating UV "


Individual Filter Outlet (IFO) UV Installation

An alternative way of approaching UV

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