On-Site Hypochlorite Generation Systems

OSEC systems produce a low strength disinfectant on demand by electrolysis of a brine solution

OSEC systems safely generate sodium hypochlorite on-demand, using only salt, water and power. With over 30 years of history installing OSHG systems throughout the world, our branded OSEC system is suited to many applications across municipal, aquatics and industrial markets.

Benefits Include:

  • Sodium hypochlorite is generated through a highly efficient in-situ process allowing economic production according to the actual demand.
  • Hypochlorite product is generated on-site and on-demand from inert feedstocks, reducing or eliminating common issues with chemical storage and handling.
  • Low strength solution at a stable concentration means minimized decomposition of active chlorine in solution always available.
  • Product generated with minimized disinfection by-product formation and further cost savings can be achieved via off-peak production scheduling.

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