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Stephan Andree 
Product Manager

Automatic Changeover Modules with CCU, V-015, A-015, AU-015

The Wallace & Tiernan® Systems Chemical changeover Unit (CCU) with changeover modules ensures continuous chemical supply.

Automatic changeover, from a duty to a standby chemical supply is a necessity in many installations which are not under constant supervision, such as disinfection systems of potable, pool or process water. It is strongly recommended for all applications where temporary interruption of chemical supply might lead to unwanted complications. The CCU provides changeover in both vacuum and pressure installations and handles both gas and liquid valve arrangements.


 Changeover Modules

V-015 Vacuum Changeover

The electrical V-015 changeover module is designed for the alternate switching of gas cylinders in vacuum gas lines. This changeover module primarily consists of a motor-driven 2 or 3-way valve, an under pressure contact gauge and an electronic CCU control unit.

A-015 Pressure Gas Changeover

The A-015 changeover module is designed for switching gas cylinders in pressure gas lines. This cylinder changeover module consists of a motor- driven 2 or 3-way valve, an under pressure contact gauge and an electronic changeover valve, all of which are controlled by the CCU control unit.

AU-015 Pressure Gas and Liquid Changeover

The changeover module AU-015 is designed for liquid and gaseous chlorine or sulphur dioxide. It consists of an overpressure contact gauge with check valve as well as two motor-driven and two manually operated full-bore ball valves for the alternate evacuation of the connected gas cylinders. The motorised valves are actuated by the CCU control unit.

 Features / Benefits

  • ​Duty/Standby valve changeover ensuring continuous chemical supply for broad range of applications
  • Pressure or vacuum operation
  • Suitable for variety of chemicals, including: chlorine, sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide
  • The supply of chemicals controlled by single 3-port valve or two 2-port valves
  • Extremely safe and reliable, optimal utilisation of applied chemicals
  • User-friendly, automated system; manual lever for emergencies
  • Depletion limit device to avoid corrosion in the chlorine gas cylinder (A-015, AU-015)
  • Full monitoring of valve positions – an alarm is generated if a valve fails to open or close
  • Volt-free Running contacts indicate which supply is being used
  • The actuated valves are equipped with a lever which provides manual valve closure in the event of an emergency.

 Tehnical Data

DescriptionVacuum changeoverPressure gas changeoverPressure gas and liquid changeover
Flow rate (at 20°C)10 kg/h Cl220 kg/h200/1000 kg/h Cl2
Max. operating pressure-15 bar25 bar
Changeover pressure-400 mbar1 bar falling1 bar falling
Ambient temperature0 – 50 °C0 – 50 °C2 – 50 °C
Connection typePVC tube DN 15/20Connected to flexible line with union nut 5/8-18 UNFR1" screwed flange acc. To DIN 2999
Electrical connection85 – 240 V AC, DC85 – 240 V AC, DC85 – 240 V AC, DC
Dimensions (W x H x D)385 x 555 x 200 mm165 x 530 x 200 mm875 x 600 x 265 mm
Weightapprox. 16 kgapprox. 16 kgapprox. 28 kg Automatic Changeover Modules with CCU, V-015, A-015, AU-015