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​Stephan Andree
Global Product Manager

Strantrol® Flowcell and Sensors


The simple see-through flowcell allows for a visual check of the sensors. The flowcell is designed for flowrates of 1 to 3 gpm and all sample water flow can be returned to the process as the cell can operate under pressure of up to 100 psig. The Strantrol® sensors are well known for their accuracy, speed in response and long life.


 Application / Markets

  • Commercial swimming pools
  •  Industrial and municipal disinfection applications

 Features and benefits

  • Automatic air purging chamber incorporated into the see-through flow cell design
  • Flowcell design allows for pressures up to 100 psig
  • The pH (yellow) and HRR®(blue) sensors contain proprietary inorganic gel
  • The HRR® sensor utilizes 99.999% pure platinum
  • Sensors have a two year replacement warranty Strantrol® Flowcell and Sensors