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Gas Feed Equipment and Control

Over 100 years ago, Charles F. Wallace and Martin F.Tiernan installed the first chlorinator in New York and since then chlorine gas has been the predominant chemical for the disinfection of water.
​The most economic disinfectant is available as gaseous or liquid chlorine supplied in cylinders or ton containers. Using a remote vacuum operated gas feeder, a chlorine solution is prepared on site from chlorine gas and water. This solution is used as a disinfectant. All of our gas feeders are based on the worldwide proven V-notch flow control technology which provides a wide control range and very high repeatability

 Wallace & Tiernan® Gas Feed Equipment

Product Application PPDCapacity Kg/hr
E10K™ ChlorinatorEconomic, low capacity sonic chlorinator, wall mounted200 - 5004 - 10
S10K™ ChlorinatorEconomic, low capacity sonic chlorinator, cylinder mounted200 - 5004 - 10
V10K™ Gas Feed SystemRemote mounted gas feed control system200 - 7504 - 15
V2000™ Gas Feed SystemHigh capacity remote mounted gas feed control system3,000 - 10,00060 - 190
Kent V2000™ ChlorinatorWall mounted chlorinator3,00060
Series 50-204 Automatic Changeover SystemAutomatic switchover system100,0002,000
Water Champ® FX Chemical Induction System ​Instantaneous mixing and diffusion of chemicals ​up to 10,000up to 189
Series 55-400 Remote Vacuum SwitchoverRemote vacuum switchover4,00075
Series 55-410 Remote Vacuum SwitchoverLow capacity remote vacuum switchover1,00020
60-255Direct feed ammoniator10 – 2,0000.2 - 40
Series 50-200 Evaporator For LiquidElectrically heated evaporator for liquid chlorine, ammonia or sulfur dioxide

Cl2: 6,000 - 10,000

Cl2: 115- 190
Strantrol® CO2Carbon dioxide feed and control systems for commercial pools and spas to 200 SCFH to 6 SCMH Gas Feed Equipment and Control