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Panagiota Letsou
Product Manager


The DIOX-C chlorine dioxide generator is extremely economical in the production of an aqueous chlorine dioxide solution. Chlorine gas (Cl2) and Nadolyt (sodium chlorite) are used for the preparation.

Chlorine gas, the feed rate of which is set at the remote vacuum chlorinator, mixes with the operating water to form a solution which is then fed to a reaction tank. Once the chemicals have fully reacted, the concentrated chlorine dioxide solution is diluted. The quantity of the dilution water is adjusted to give the required strength of the chlorine dioxide. This can be set from 1 up to max. 3 g/l ClO2 depending on the demand. During the filling process the gas produced in the chlorine dioxide storage tank is aspirated by an injector. During off periods, degassing is prevented by an absorber unit. The monitoring functions of the system guarantee the mixing ratio of chlorine gas and sodium chlorite and thereby the virtually full conversion of chlorite to chlorine dioxide.



  • Drinking water
  • Breweries
  • Soft drink industry
  • Industrial water
  • Cooling water
  • Wastewater


 Features / Benefits

  • Strength of the chlorine dioxide solution selectable by means of dilution water
  • Basic control: control of all process parameters
  • Professional control: touch panel to display, supervise and evaluate the chemical flow
  • Safety facilities like check valve for process water supply, additional lock at leakage, gas alarm, ClO2 container overfull, power off failure
  • Extremely economical procedure for the generation of chlorine dioxide
  • High stability of the chlorine dioxide solution prepared
  • Metering into several points of application
  • Space-saving through compact design
  • Constant by use of non-corrosive synthetic material
  • Extensive connections possible (OPC-Server, PROFIBUS® DP, TeleService, Web access)
​Firmware/Software updates

* In the United States, chlorine dioxide generation systems are marketed under the Millennium brand. DIOX-C