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​Panagiota Letsou

Product Manager

Chlorine Dioxide Generation Systems

DIOX generators deliver safely and efficiently chlorine dioxide solution.

The DIOX generators deliver all the benefits of chlorine dioxide with safety and efficiency in mind. The powerful disinfectant prevents trihalomethane (THM) formation and will not react with ammonia to form less active chloramines. The DIOX generators are known for the effective elimination of chlorophenols, oxidation of inorganic compounds such as iron and manganese, and successful control of taste, odour and colour. It is highly effective against biofilm formation as well as viruses, bacteria, protozoa and cysts; including Legionella.

Chlorine Dioxide by Wallace & Tiernan® brand can be delivered through two different methods; Acid-Chlorite and Chlorine-Chlorite.


* In the United States, chlorine dioxide generation systems are marketed under the Millennium brand. Chlorine Dioxide Generation Systems