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Chemical Feed Analyzers and Process Controllers

With ever-increasing demands for providing high-quality potable water to efficient treatment of wastewaters to safe and chemistry controlled pool and spa waters, constant monitoring of water quality parameters is critical.

​Reliable and accurate measurement, coupled with responsive and intelligent controls provide the complete solution. From single parameter analyzers to multi parameter and multifunction controllers and a wide range of water quality instrumentation, we provide a total-systems solution for complete analysis and control of water quality

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 Key BEnefits

Wallace & Tiernan® Analyzers  and ControllersApplication
​DEPOLOX 700 M​Analyzer
SFC SeriesHighly flexible and modular water quality analyzer/controller


Residual disinfectant analyzer

MFCWater quality analyzer/controller measures up to 4 parameters
DEPOLOX® 5 Measurement Module​For use with the SFC, DEPOLOX® 3 Plus and MFC analyzer/controllers
Micro/2000® Measurement ModuleResidual disinfectant analyzer for use with the SFC and MFC analyzer/controllers
Deox/2000® Dechlorination AnalyzerDechlorination analyzer for use with the SFC and MFC analyzer/controllers
Acutec™ 35 Gas DetectorGas detection system for chlorine, ammonia and sulfur dioxide

TMS 561


Series A790 Amperometric TitratorPrecise measurement of chlorine residuals for the calibration of on-line analytical equipment
GMS plus Multi-Function Gas Monitoring System​Flexible two channel measuring system designed for gas and temperature monitoring
DEPOLOX® Pool E 700 P Pool Management System​Designed for measurement and control functions as well as process control in pool water treatment applications.
​Process Monitoring System

​Visualization and parameter adjustments  on a single configurable screen

ECO 88X​Low cost analyzer ideally suited for chemical-based water disinfection applications
Strantrol® Aquatic ProductsApplication
​Strantrol Pool E 700 P​Pool Management Systems
Strantrol Pool, Strantrol Compact​Pool Controllers
Strantrol Set Point NXBasic controls for chemical balance regardless of pH, temperature or bather load
AccessoriesLevel and flow sensors, sample flow chambers, injectors, calibration and diagnostics, signal converters and probe cleaning Chemical Feed Analyzers and Process Controllers