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Aquatic & Leisure Water Disinfection

Safeguarding aquatic installations has been a leading promise for Wallace & Tiernan® Systems since the 1920’s, with water so clear, pure and safe to bathe in our customers coined the phrase “Swim in Drinking Water”
​Technologies are designed to meet your most rigorous demands in virtually any aquatic application, such as disinfecting water in municipal pool and leisure facilities, fountains, water features and recreational or theme parks.  With various disinfection technologies and new regulations to consider, choosing the right disinfection solution can be a daunting task without an expert guide.

 industry leading solutions

Depolox® and Strantrol® are leading brands in disinfection meaurement and process control.


OSEC® On-Site Hypochlorite Generation Systems produce sodium hypochlorite on-site and on demand. The range is designed to accommodate applications ranging from potable water disinfection and leisure to marine and off-shore.


Barrier® Ultraviolet (UV) Systems are lamp based systems primarily employed as a disinfection process that inactivates waterborne pathogens without chemicals.


SafePrep XC® Calcium Hypochlorite Preparation system offers a patented process by which operators can safely and simply use calcium hypochlorite.


DIOX Chlorine Dioxide Generation Systems are used in water treatment systems as a primary disinfectant and is effective against viruses, bacteria and oocysts of Cryptosporidium.



 Aquatics Application Expert


 Aquatics & Leisure Applications

  • Disinfection, Purification and Sanitation
  • DBP Reduction
  • Chloramine Removal     
  • Wellness, Sauna, Leisure
  • Competition pools, Olympic, University athletics
  • Institutional facilities
  • Hotel and Resorts, Theme Parks
  • Splash Pads
  • Decorative and Fountains
  • Fisheries, Aquaculture

 Aquatic / Leisure Case studies

Pool Fuldatal, Germany - DEPOLOX® Pool E 700 P Pool Management System

Pool Staffelstein, Germany - DEPOLOX® Pool E 700 P Pool Management System

Bay & Basin Aquatic Centre - Barrier® M 275 and Barrier® M 525 UV Systems

Kilmore Leisure Centre - Barrier® M 275 UV System