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Jean-Michel Velay
Spécialiste du produit
Tel: +33 1 41 15 92 20

L’appareil portable pH check

Le pH check est un appareil portatif de qualité supérieure à pile et destiné à déterminer la valeur de pH.
The portable meter pH check is a high-quality, battery-powered hand-held meter used to determine pH values. With this device, Evoqua Water Technologies meets the requirements of DIN 19643 of water of swimming pools and baths. The hand-held meter pH check features a protective cover to protect against splash water and is equipped with a built-in electrode holder. The gel electrode is universally usable for a pH value from 0 to 14 and resistant to temperatures between 0 and 80 °C. The delivery scope includes the meter pH check in a case with battery, pH buffer (4.65/7.00), plastic pH electrode, operating instructions and warranty.



                               Key BEnefits

                              • Précision de mesure élevée
                              • Appareil léger avec boitier de protection
                              • Affichage numérique
                              • Indicateur de remplacement des piles
                              • Calibrage deux points
                              Jean-Michel.Velay@evoqua.com L’appareil portable pH check