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​Jean-Michel Velay
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Barrier® M UV Water Treatment System for Aquatics

Technologie UV pour la traitement des eaux de piscine

​The Barrier® M medium pressure range of UV systems is designed for the treatment of swimming pool and process water with flow rates ranging from 60 to 5900 gpm (15 to 980 m3/h). UV disinfection is an alternative to chemical addition systems and can be used as a bolt in multi-barrier approach to your disinfection process. The system consists of a stainless steel reaction chamber with polychromatic lamps and a remotely mounted microcontroller for complete control and monitoring capabilities.

The system is effective in controlling waterborne pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites, including, Cryptosporidium or Giardia, which can be resistant to conventional chemical disinfection. In addition, the system provides a powerful disinfection solution without forming harmful disinfection by-products (DBPs).




  • Low operation costs and low head loss through low number of powerful medium-pressure lamps
  • Low installation costs through space-saving design and small footprint, easy installation, and retrofit with in-line design
  • Low life cycle and operational costs with hydrodynamically optimized chamber design
  • Extended lamp life and energy-efficient operation through accurate lamp power control  

 Chloramine Reduction Capacity

Barrier M Modelm3/h
​M 35​19
​M 80​39
​M 135​61
​M 275​119
​M 525 ​176
​M 700​295
​M 950​402
​M 1200​528
​M 1700​653
​M 2000​750
​M 2600​974

 * Capacité pour une dose UV de 600 J/m , en fin de vie de la lampe et pour une transmission de 95%, (254 nm; cellule d’ 1 cm)

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