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​Anita Wypchlo-Zsirai

Product Manager

S10K™ Clorador

El clorador S10K™ de Wallace & Tiernan® es un equipo operado bajo vacío y regulado sónicamente, proporcionando de forma económica caudales bajos de gas.
​Direct cylinder mounting puts the vacuum regulating valve right at the source, reducing gas pressure to a vacuum immediately. Its ability to handle all water treatment gases as well as its flexible mounting configurations for cylinders, manifolds or ton containers provides versatility for all installations.



  • Municipal or industrial water treatment
  • Municipal or industrial wastewater treatment
  • Industrial process water
  • Commercial water
  • Swimming pool and leisure

 Key Benefits

  • Easy to read icons provide positive indication of container status
  • Positive shutoff allows containers to be changed without admitting air, dirt or moisture into control unit
  • Easy alignment of the control unit on the container by means of a captive yoke assembly
  • Complete gas consumption by means of a non-isolating switchover system
  • Flexible installation with detachable flowmeter
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